RPC docs

Beaver doesn't care about your authentication headers and signatures.


Sends a transaction to beaver. The transaction will stay private.

Also supported under the name: eth_sendPrivateRawTransaction (exact same RPC).

This RPC accepts a single argument: the hex-encoded, raw transaction.


Sends a bundle to beaver. It will stay private.

This RPC accepts a dictionary of:

List of hex-encoded, raw transactions. Can be empty for cancelling a bundle.
The block that this bundle will be valid for.
Optional. If specified and >0, the bundle will only be valid if the block timestamp is greater or equal to minTimestamp.
Optional. If specified and >0, the bundle will only be valid if the block timestamp is smaller or equal to maxTimestamp.
Optional. A list of transaction hashes contained in the bundle, that can be allowed to revert, or be removed from your bundle if it's deemed useful.
Optional. An arbitrary string (make it hard to predict!), which allows you to update/cancel your bundles: if you specify an uuid and we already have a bundle with an identical one, we'll forget about the old bundle. So we can only have a single bundle with a certain uuid at all time (and we keep the most recent).
Optional, deprecated, alias for uuid.
Optional. An integer between 1-99. How much of the total priority fee + coinbase payment you want to be refunded for. This will negatively impact your prioritization because this refund is gonna eat into your bundle payment. Example: if a bundle pays 0.2 ETH of priority fee plus 1 ETH to coinbase, a refundPercent set to 50 will result in a transaction being appended after the bundle, paying 0.59 ETH back to the EOA. This is assuming the payout tx will cost beaver 0.01 ETH in fees, which are deduced from the 0.6 ETH payout.
Optional. You can specify an address that the funds from refundPercent will be sent to. If not specified, they will be sent to the from address of the first transaction.

Bundle cancellation: Say that you sent a bundle with uuid "10ba43b9c689ed0242b3". If you want to cancel it entirely, you can send a bundle with the same uuid, and an empty list of transactions.